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Let's Have a Seance

A group of seven strangers meet over the course of four months in an attempt to conduct a seance.

The Yaelmihkeinsploke

Liz is being hunted by a demon that eats her through her past lives: an actressin 1850, a german water dancer,  young closeted Colombian boy, a dog, and a NASA representative. 

The Grief Eater
Near North Bender

Big Frog

They used to lick frogs to get high at night on a miami golf course. Ten years later, they're back. And they're hiding a mystery that threatens to ruin their lives. 

There's a creature in the woods of North Bender that eats grief. And there's a pub in North Bender filled with people who want that creature dead. 

The Transfigure Therapy Program can transform you into an inanimate object for two months as a means of self exploration. It works, for the most part. Sometimes. If you're lucky. 

For a Brief Moment I was Something Else

A Devouring

Buford Tally, an island in between Minnesota and Scotland, falls into disarray after a little girl is eaten by a wolf in this funny, and sometimes frightening, play. 

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