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Dylan Guerra

Dylan Guerra is a Brooklyn-based queer Colombian writer/director originally from Miami. His short film "Didn't Think I'd See You Here" is premiering at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. He was a writer on the Emmy-nominated third season of Max's The Other Two (Season 3)-- on which he also appears as an actor. He currently is developing a feature film he wrote and is set to direct with Picturestart and GetLftd. He has various television series in development with A24, Temple Hill, Jax, and Family Owned Entertainment. As a playwright, he is the recipient of Playwright's Horizon's Winegarten Commission and MTC's Sloane Commission. He has been a member of Ars Nova's Playgroup, EST's Youngblood and P73's Interstate 73. His solo-show “Find Him” recurred off-broadway at Ars Nova.  His most recent play "Signaling" is being presented in part at the American Museum of Natural History in Fall 2023. Dylan was the host of AMC's online entertainment platform "Fear HQ" for two seasons, through which he created the online TTRPG series Slasher Town. He also teaches playwriting to military veterans for New York Theater Workshop & Poetic Theater's "Veteran Voices" program. 

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